Clean Your Car Inside Out!

How to Clean Your Car

This is an easy step to step guide to cleaning a car. These easy to follow steps are a sure way to have your car sparkling in a small amount of time. For best results, wash your car in a shady spot or on a cloudy day to avoid leaving spots as the water evaporates. If you need further assistance, call our friends at!

Cleaning the Outside 1. Assemble the cleaning supplies and organize them near you so you know where everything is. 2. Park your car in a shady area and allow the paint to cool, if possible. 3. Pour some soap into a bucket with the hose running until the water gets soapy and bubbly. Use soap designed for car washing. Other detergents will wash the wax off as well. 4. Rinse off the car to remove any loose dirt, dust or grime. 5. Place a soft cloth into the soapy water and begin to wipe down the car in small sections. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom. 6. Always rinse your washcloth or sponge with the hose before putting it back into the soapy water. 7. Rinse the car with a hose and clean water after you wipe down a section. 8. Clean the wheels with a small rag and the soapy water. 9. Rinse the wheels and remove all of the soap. 10. Dry the car with a cloth. 11. Apply a polish to a clean buffer pad. This ensures that the polish will scrub off the oxidation that wax cannot remove. There are not many people whom have buffer pad at home. If you do, you can use it; however, this step is not necessary, so you can also skip this step. 12. Buff the entire car and then apply wax by hand. (It is a good idea to get a high quality wax for a good gloss.) 13. Apply tire shine and be careful to avoid over spray. 14. Use a trim preservative like Back-to-Black and apply to your trim.

Cleaning the Inside

1. Vacuum all floor carpets, seats, and use a narrow end extension to get into the cracks.

2. Clean the windows with non-ammonia glass cleaner and a dry soft cloth. Roll each window down a little to reach the “muck” at the top. Use crumpled newspapers to polish the glass when it’s dry.

3. Wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, and interior trim with a damp cloth or mild cleaner. It may be useful to use a cotton swab to be able to reach small spaces such as coin holes.

4. Get rid of stains in dashboard by using unused shampoo. Just like when you brush your teeth, use a toothbrush, put a little bit of shampoo on the toothbrush and start to brush the stains off from the dashboard in a circular motion. If you do it in a horizontal line motion, it will not be as clean as with the circular motion.

5. Polish the car seats. Polish the car seats, means that you need a piece of dry-clean cloth to use it with the special formula for car seats. It will make your car seats shine and getting rid of some stains in the seat.